Our Security Policy

AFIT Connect's Data Entry Security ensures your data is protected at all times through the realization of stringent security measures at each & every level. It covers all kind of your security aspect which Afit fully responsible to protect it.

Data Security Procedures

AFIT connect protects all of your data in a confidential agreement which signed by all the AFIT connect employees who working on your project. We also readily available to provide regular penetration tests and security audits on behalf of you. Further AFIT connect management instantly reporting any problems to you in the unlikely events of a security breach. Instead of that we will ensure that all of your data has not been having for unauthorized persons at any circumstances. AFIT Connect’s IT team has setup required security process ,procedures and security devices in a such a manner which ensure date is fully protected from unauthorized accesses. Regularly AFIT connect devoted to backups their entire remaining client’s date through their system.

Location Security

We have already taken the necessary steps to ensure our location security as well. It was protected by a security team as usual in our office premises to prevent disruptions. It also consists with the electronic security doors to ensure restricted access. According to the data protection rules of our company only authorized personnel are accessed to our customer data. Further fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are located in right position to prevent unforeseeable emergency.

Networking Security

Out IT team highly forces on the Network security aspect for our business by Appling special security control procedures. A special team of IT bodies are working on the security policies for network access & passwords. The limited system access has been provided to select authorized persons and also system has been disabled from jacks for Pen drives and all kind of external devices to copy data from the system. IT team at all time will ensure that fire walls and antivirus soft wares are working with full capacity .Our networks are protected through pass words in multiple levels of all systems. Passwords are changed in regular basis. Finally, data backups are stored in case of unforeseen emergencies to protect our networks.

Staff Employees Security

AFIT Connect’s data entry operators are compiling with the company data security policies at all the time which provides identity cards that verified in order to access into the office. Our staff has been notified about the importance of the customer data security. All the employees those who have being working on the client’s data signed a non disclosure & confidential agreement before them starting on working on your jobs. They have agreed and signed not to use CDs, USD drivers or any kind of storage media at any time.