Our Process

1. Preparing of Input

Firstly, the Client needs to prepare the documents and reports those require for then processes in an order of possible to send through an electronic media. Therefore generally, we recommend our clients following methods in preparing documents and relevant other reports and schedules to send over us.

  1. Scanning Documents: for Bills, Vouchers, Receipts and other paper records
  2. MS Word, MS Excel and PDF formats: for Bank Statements and other soft copies of schedules
  3. Phone or Camera Captured Pictures / JPG formatted documents: for Bills, Vouchers, Receipts and other hard copies.

2. Sending Input

Sending method depends on the size of the file to be sent. So, large files can be sent through applications like the Google Drive, Dropbox etc. The client can use e-mails to send the small files as well. Further, the Client can use fax services to send the document in form a hard copy.

3. Performing the Job

Based on the instructions from Client, we perform the required outsourced functions required to perform, by allocating areas to specialized professionals. Accounting works are performed by Associate Accountants (Graduated Accountants), and Trainee Accountants are in place to help them out for certain tasks of accounting. Then, Accounting Process Managers (Qualified Accountants) are reviewing works done by Associate Accountants. Before sending the final output to the client, the Head of each Team at AFIT Connect, needs to clear the final output by having a review of works done by his team.

4. Sending Output

After finish of our tasks, we deliver the final output to the Client by using methods set out below. After delivering the final output, our team is always available to answer for any query or a question coming out at a review from Client's end, as we are available full time in Client's working hours.

Methods of sending the output:

  1. via E-Mail or Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. Accounting Firm can easily logon to cloud system and review your accounts.

5. Communications

We use following methods in communications with the Client whenever required to get solved any of the work then and there.