Finance Service

Financial Analysis and research has taken a crucial place in the world economic context. AFIT connect provides comprehensive set of capital market services by connecting with global and domestic clients. As a KPO for financial research, our team works for rigorous output in cost effective ways in order to attain comprehensive business advantages by utilizing business opportunities.

  • Private Equity Advising
  • Equity Research Services
  • Mergers & Acquisition Services
  • Credit Research
  • Financial Statement Analysis Services
  • Due diligence reviewing Servicers.

For Equity Research Firms

Equity Research is a division within either a buy-side or sell-side firm which is responsible for the research used by the firm and its clients. The purpose of providing equity research facilities is to present insight and detailed analysis into a company. This information is then used by investors to decide how to allocate their funds and by Private Equity firms and investment banks to value companies for mergers, LBOs, IPOs etc. We have connected with equity research firms in order to provide outsource quality research services at economical rates to fulfill our client’s equity research facilities to satisfied their requirements.

For Investors / Institutional Investors

With a qualify team of analyst, AFIT connect provides specific research services directly to institutional investors at their request. As virtual work analysis our team provides superior service regarding appropriate investment decisions.

For Mergers & Acquisition

New opportunities for growth and expansion often arise through the purchase of existing businesses or by developing strategic alliances. On the other hand, certain business units may have to be sold in order to sustain growth and profitability. As a leading KPO in merging & Acquisition services we offer both buy–side and sell side advice by allowing clients to capitalize on real opportunities and anticipate tomorrow's challenges through making informed decisions. Under a Mergers or Acquisition situation our team provides relevant M&A and other business valuation services directly to client. Buy-side firms will then pay the equity research team for access to their information, and this is why equity research is a revenue-producing group for an investment bank.